The Cold Hard Truth
(Christine Albert, )
Sutters Gold Music (BMI)

from the CD Albert and Gage - Anderson Fair  (MoonHouse Records)

I was grieving I was praying
I was saying to myself and God I can't go on like this
I was needing real relating
The kind that I could not find in our kiss

Now I have felt the tenderness togetherness and holiness
Of holding someone's fragile heart in my hands
I must confess that I still wish it had been you who gave that gift
But the cold hard truth is it came from another man

I was waiting I was hoping
You would open up your heart and let me in
My walls were falling while you were building
Till all that I could see was your defense

I am laughing I am crying
I'm a woman in love and I'm at a loss
'Cause I am wondering where I'm going
And when I get there will it have been worth the cost 

(repeat chorus)

tag....the cold hard truth is it came from another man

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