Comin’ Home   
(Christine Albert, Chris Gage)
Sutters Gold Music (BMI) / Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

from the CD Albert and Gage - Cry Love  (MoonHouse Records)

I want to dig my heels in I want to settle down
I want to reel the years in turn my life around
I don't care who wins the human race
I long to see your smiling face
Leave the light on I'm comin' home

      Comin' home my heart is beating like thunder
      Comin' home like a river that weaves and wanders
      To the ocean that waits up yonder
      I'm comin' home

I've spent a lifetime sailing on a restless wind
I've blown some chances that never came around again
The night I heard you sing your song
I knew I'd found where I belong
Leave the light on I'm comin' home

There's a new moon rising in the evening sky
I want you right beside me 'till the day I die
Life is short it'll disappear
If you hold my hand there will be no fear
Leave the light on I'm comin' home

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