Rocky Shore
(Christine Albert, Chris Gage)
Sutters Gold Music (BMI) / Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

from the CD Albert and Gage - Cry Love  (MoonHouse Records)

I will walk the rocky shore
When the water calls once more
Though it's dark and deep and wild
I will not be meek or mild
On the rocky shore

I will stand out on the edge
And let myself fall to the depths
To find the heart of what is true
It lies beneath the waves of blue
Off the rocky shore

       Mother Mary Mother Ocean
       In your arms I want to stay
       Rock me with your gentle motion
       Wash my fears away   

I'll pull myself out of the sea
Where my lover waits for me
I'll take his hand and start again
We will watch the tide roll in
To the rocky shore 

I will walk the rocky shore
Until my breath comes no more
Then I'll spread my wings and fly
Fade into the misty sky
Above the rocky shore

Yeah I will spread my wings and fly
Above the rocky shore

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