Cuttin' a Rug
(Tom Peterson)
Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

from the CD Albert and Gage - Dakota Lullaby  (MoonHouse Records)

I had a dream last night, it was an old time movie
Costumes by Edith Head choreography by Busby Berkeley
Swing was in its golden age
back when swing was all the rage
You and I took center stage

We were painting the dance floor red
You were Ginger I was Fred
Man, we really knocked them dead
Cuttin’ a rug with you

Sweet gardenias in your hair
And my (your) bright red boutonnière
We really made quite a pair
Cuttin’ a rug with you

You executed a triple twirl
And it was a tight one
Like every move that you make girl
It was just the right one 

All the people moved aside
To give us room to swing and glide
It’s like a magic carpet ride
Cuttin’ a rug with you

That band could do no wrong
They were swinging hot and strong
They even played our favorite song
Cuttin’ a rug with you

You pirouetted on a dime
We were having a heavenly time
Always do when I dream that I’m
Cuttin’ a rug with you 

You are a favorite dream of mine
Every single night dear
I gotta tell you you look so fine
Even in black and white dear

I can only hope and pray
Me and you come true some day
But till we do I’ll dream away
Cuttin’ a rug with you 

Cuttin’ a rug, jitter the bug
Cuttin’….cuttin’ a rug with you

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