Dakota Lullaby
(Tom Peterson)
Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

from the CD Albert and Gage - Dakota Lullaby  (MoonHouse Records)

Hear that black crow calling
As he comes home in the spring
Hear the last of the sad coyote’s cry
Hear the ghost of the plain
Sing of the buffalo again
And fall asleep to a Dakota Lullaby 

The wind sings the names
Of the ones who have returned
To this holy land on which their fathers toiled
If you fall down on your knees
Put your ear down to the earth
You might hear their spirits singing
In the soil

Time rolls forever
Like the lazy grey Missouri
Stars up above the dusty prairie shine
There’s a million sleeping braves
They’re going to rise up from their graves
And sing the songs
That hold no trace of time

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