True Love Knows
(Tom Peterson)
Golly Gee Music (ASCAP)

from the CD Albert and Gage - Dakota Lullaby  (MoonHouse Records)

Now I donít listen and I donít care
People they can talk about us everywhere
Sayiní that our love doesnítí have a prayer
Well Honey thatís a lie

Cause when I was a babe at my mommaís breast
          original:(Son weíre all in a terrible mess)

She said when this world puts you to the test
But I know a little secret to happiness
And she looked me in the eye 

True love knows - true love shows
True love blows like a prairie wind on a midnight rain
True love grows - true love flows
True love always goes against the grain

Now some think love is just a band of gold
Some think itís just another hand to hold
Someone to hold you when the nights are cold
Like you never been held before

But Iíll go to the forest where the trees are hidden
Taste every fruit thatís been forbidden
Ride every horse thatís never been ridden
Till I just canít ride no more

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