April, 2011

Greetings from the MoonHouse in lovely south Austin, Texas

Hey and a "Spring is Here" howdy to all our friends, fans, family and neighbors.  We've been very busy, although not usually together!  Christine has been pouring her heart and time into her non-profit endeavors, Swan Songs and the The Recording Academy.  Chris had a busy month with Jerry Jeff Walker, as the Texas Troubadour celebrated his 69th birthday with sold out performances at the Paramount Theater and Gruene Hall.  Watch for a film coming out soon called "OK Buckaroos" about Jerry Jeff's life.  Find out more and watch a trailer here.  Chris will be featured in live concert footage, and they even used some of our Belize camcorder footage. 

We're back in the saddle in April, heading to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Camp Street Cafe in Crockett, Texas and our annual sunrise service at Rolke Ranch on Easter Sunday. 

If you missed it...Chris' "Monday Night at Donn's Depot" got a very nice review in the Austin American Statesman recently.  Read it online here.  Christine wrote a cover story about Donn's for The Austin Chronicle several years ago.  Read it online here.  Visit the Donn's Depot webpage here.  Visit our website to learn more, see more videos, listen to song samples and take the most recent photo tours

Buskers - A Film by Chris Gage  The latest short film is a collection of street musicians filmed during travels in the US and abroad.  There's a young gymnast on the streets of Memphis, "Ave Maria" performed on the streets of Dresden by a classical trio, an incredible duo of violin and piano performed by marionettes in Galway, Ireland and a blues singing dog.  Watch the Buskers video here.

MoonHouse Records  Visit the MoonHouse Records website for song samples and easy purchase options for CDs, digital album downloads and t-shirts.  FYI - The "Texafrance 3-Pack" is available for just $37 and Dakota Lullaby CD/T-shirt package for $25. 
MoonHouse Studio   Tony Airoldi and the Charming Devils have begun recording tracks for a new CD, and the songs are....well...charming.  Layne Putnam, a 15 year old phenom from Rapid City, South Dakota laid down a few beautiful songs during SXSW, and Chris is hard at work on getting the place in shape for the next big project.  What will it be...?    moonhousestudio.com 

"Moscow Street Scene"
Moscow, USSR, 1988.  Photo by Chris Gage

April 2011
Full show schedule online here.
Dates, venues and times have been known to change.  Please call or check the venue's website to confirm.

Mon. Apr 4 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336    
     Visit the "Monday Night at Donn's Depot" photo page
9 -1
Wed. Apr 6 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX         
     First Wednesday with Albert and Gage  
1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
9 -1
Fri. Apr 8 Red Dragon Listening Room - Baton Rouge, LA
2401 Florida St.    email cmaxwell@premier.net    225-939-7783   
    "Austin Weekend"  Eric Taylor Thursday, AG Friday, Bill Kirchen Saturday
    $20 per show / 2 shows $35 / 3 shows $50
Sat. Apr 9 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - private event  
Mon. Apr 11 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336     
9 -1
Wed. Apr 13 Artz Rib House - Austin, TX
      "2nd Wednesday at Artz with Christine Albert" 

      ...with David Carroll and Chip Dolan      
7:30-9:30 pm
Thurs. Apr 14 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - private event  
Fri. Apr 15 Central Market North - Austin, TX
4001 North Lamar Austin, TX  512-206-1000
    The whole band out on the deck! Celebrate completing your taxes (if you did.)
Sat. Apr 16 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - Rockdale, TX
(Chris will miss the first hour or so at Donn's, but Christine and the band be joined by Chip Dolan on piano to get things started!)

9 -1
Donn's Depot - Austin, TX        Albert and Gage Band  
(with David Carroll, Lisa Pankratz and special guest Chip Dolan) 
    1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
Mon. Apr 18 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336    
9 -1
Fri. Apr 22 Camp Street Cafe - Crockett, Texas
215 South Third Street Crockett, TX 75835  936-544-8656
8 pm
Sun. Apr 24 Rolke Ranch Easter Sunrise Service - Franklin, TX
An annual tradition, this hillside service is open to all. 
    Contact lisa@rolkeranch.com for more information and directions.
7 am
Mon. Apr 25 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336   
9 -1
Sat. Apr 30 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - Arkansas   www.jerryjeff.com  

European tour 2010 photos online now! albertandgage.com/tourphotos

"Wings of War"

"Dakota Lullaby"

"When You're Away"


Dakota Lullaby CD

Dakota Lullaby

Jerry Jeff Walker
video by Chris

Jerry Jeff Walker
Moonchild CD






Austin City Limits Cookbook

Swan Songs fulfills musical wishes at the end of life.  Concerts are offered free of charge by request, and there have been some very profound moments.  Click here to view Jim Swift's story about Swan Songs that appeared on KXAN News in Austin on September 30, 2010.  To learn more or donate visit swansongs.org


Coming up!   More shows and more details at our website

Mondays Donn's Depot / Austin, TX - Chris Gage
May 8 Albert and Gage at Great Outdoors / Austin, TX - Mother's Day concert
May 21 Albert and Gage at Wildflower Festival / Richardson, TX
July 9 Red Willow Band at The Knuckle  / Sturgis, SD
July 10 Red Willow Band and Albert and Gage at The Oahe Speedway / Pierre, SD
July 12 Albert and Gage at The Grand Theater - Dell Rapids, SD
July 14 Albert and Gage in Watertown, SD - venue to be determined
July 16 Albert and Gage appearing on Folk Stage / Chicago, Illinois
July 17 Albert and Gage at The Woodstock Folk Festival / Woodstock, Illinois
July 19 Albert and Gage at Good Folk Concerts - Fayetteville, AR

The TCA provides grants to arts presenters, schools, libraries, theaters and other non-profits throughout Texas to help with the cost of bringing in artists from the roster.

A reminder that Christine Albert's French Show has been approved for inclusion on the new Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) Texas Touring Roster for the Sept 2010 - August 2012 season.  So, if you know of a school, non-profit arts organization (grants are not available for fundraising events), etc that would like to host Ms. Albert's French Show, please keep this in mind.  The next deadline for Arts Respond Performance Support Grants is May 1, 2011 for performances June 15 - August 31, 2011. (Insider tip - you can also apply for funding for an A&G show through Christine's account, since Christine is the Albert in Albert and Gage!)

A note from Christine:    
I like Chris's pickles, and I'm not trying to be funny here.  I spent four days traveling to LA last week for meetings and while I was gone the maestro cooked up a batch of awesome pickles.  He also bakes our bread now and we grow our own lettuce, onions, tomatoes and peppers.  We're on the look out for other things that are easier than you think to make or grow, and can fuel us with less expensive, more nutritious and tastier fare.  I'm thinking granola; I've already started a grape vine so we should have our own wine in a decade or so; some chickens might be nice; perhaps a cow to milk?  Okay, for a couple of wandering minstrels who can't even commit to owning a dog because of our travel schedule, chickens and cows might be a bit ambitious.
     It's not the savings that draws us to these endeavors.  It's the call to participate in the nurturing of our bodies more directly, and to connect with our little plot of land in the middle of what has become a truly big city.  Our culture is on overdrive and in hyper-communication mode.  When Chris bakes bread he has to slow down enough to time the rising and baking and sitting and cooling processes.  When I smell it wafting through the house I not only look forward to dinnertime but I'm convinced that the aroma actually alters my biorhythms, not unlike meditation!  Now, if the pickles could speed it all back up just enough to burn those extra carbs, we'd really have something.     
     Joyful Springtime.

  And a blurb from Chris:
     I like pickles.  All kinds, but especially bread and butter pickles.  I've decided to make my own from here on out.  I've had a couple successful batches and one that was...let's say...not so good.  It's pretty simple, really.  I've decided I like them the best when the cukes aren't heated at all, just covered fresh with the hot liquid.  Why am I telling you this?  Because it's on my mind. I like pickles.
Here's Alton Brown's recipe from the food network website. 
1/2 onion, thinly sliced
2 medium cucumbers, thinly sliced
1 cup water
1 cup cider vinegar
1 1/2 cups sugar
Pinch kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon celery seeds
1/2 teaspoon pickling spice
Combine onion and cucumber slices in a clean spring-top jar.
Combine the remaining ingredients in a non-reactive saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer for 4 full minutes to wake up the
flavors of the spices.
Slowly pour the hot pickling liquid over the onion and cucumber slice, completely filling the jar. Allow the pickles to cool to room temperature before topping off with any remaining pickling liquid. Refrigerate.
     See you at the gig (I hope).

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