December 2011

Greetings from the MoonHouse -  Austin, Texas

Hey and howdy, friends and neighbors,

It's holiday time at the MoonHouse in beautiful and (finally) rain soaked Austin, Texas.  December brings an annual show at the wonderful Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, the special lights and music that warm your spirit (and spirits) at Donn's Depot, a welcome chance to gather with family and friends, and  a serious amount of Christmas cheer.  We'll end the year, as we have for the last 12, performing right up till the stroke of midnight at Paul Barker's house concert in Austin. 

If you listen to KGSR radio in Austin, you may recognize the Albert and Gage song, "I Used to be Lonesome", in ads this month for  Check out their website where you can find "Austincentric" gift baskets for the Austin lovers near and far on your list.  We're honored that owner Lisa Kay wanted to use our song to convey the spirit of her company.

There's still time to receive our Christmas CD, "One More Christmas".  Christine sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and Chris hammers out "Linus and Lucy", the Snoopy song.  Click here.

We get a kick every year out of watching a video Chris and his first spouse Gwen created of their young boys Sam and Casey reading "The Night Before Christmas" one verse a year over the course of 8 years.  The boys finally got old enough not to be embarrassed by its showing, and it's now a modern YouTube sensation.  You can hear their voices change, follow the growth spurts, and even track their taste in music by the t-shirts they chose on Christmas Eve.  We're happy to share it with you again this year.  Click the image and it will open in YouTube.  Happy holidays from Sam and Casey 32 and 29! 

Have a safe and happy holiday season.  Treasure your loved ones while you can.
Chris and Christine

December 2011
Full show schedule online here.
Dates, venues and times have been known to change.  Please call or check the venue's website to confirm.

Fri. Dec 2 Camp Street Cafe
Crockett Texas
8 pm
Mon. Dec 5 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336    
     Visit the "Monday Night at Donn's Depot" photo page
9 -1
Wed. Dec 7 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX         
     First Wednesday with Albert and Gage with David Carroll on upright bass
1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
9 -1
Sat. Dec 10 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX        Albert and Gage Band  
     (with David Carroll and Paul Pearcy) 
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
9 -1
Mon. Dec 12 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336
9 -1
Fri. Dec 16 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - Gruene Hall
Sat. Dec 17 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - Gruene Hall
Mon. Dec 19
Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336

Christine's mom and sister get to experience a Monday night at Donn's.
Let's make it special for them!
9 -1
Tues. Dec 20

Armadillo Christmas Bazaar - Austin, TX   afternoon show

Live music and art have made the original Armadillo Christmas Bazaar an iconic Austin event. Art fair and music festival rolled into one, it has long been the city’s favorite scene for holiday shopping, Austin style. With imaginative, handmade gifts and fine art that range from sophisticated to funky, the 2011 show will feature new talent and local legends.

3:30-6 pm
Sat. Dec 24   Make sure and watch Chris' sons grow up on Christmas Eve...a video of "The Night Before Christmas" taped over the course of 8 years of South Dakota holidays.   
Sun. Dec 25  

Mon. Dec 26 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336
9 -1
Thurs. Dec 29 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - Biloxi, MS
Sat. Dec 31 Barker House Concerts - Austin, TX
     The 12 year tradition continues!

In case you missed it...
each month we feature a few links to past reviews, current interesting tidbits, creative playscapes of our own or others...just some stuff you may have missed as the world swiftly spins. 


MoonHouse Records  Quick! Get an order in for multiple copies of Albert and Gage "One More Christmas" for stocking stuffers.  Visit the MoonHouse Records website for our latest CDs, Red Willow Band CDs, older Albert and Gage releases and Christine Albert gems.  Or...come to the shows and stock up for Christmas! 

MoonHouse Studio  Chris and his partner Chan Chandler have been busy with an ongoing project for the music department of Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles.  It's re-recording of some of the great songs from the movies.  The MoonHouse tracks are then available for use by Paramount in video games, movies, commercials etc.  Right now they're listening to the first rough mixes of "Jingle Jangle Jingle" and "Buttons and Bows" that Chris and Christine sang, respectively.  And, they like them!

The Gillette Brothers, Guy and Pipp, cowboy medicine show minstrels from Crockett, Texas, moseyed into MoonHouse Studio to slam out a great album of traditional and original trail ridin' tunes with Chris in the producer's chair.  We'll let you know when the release date will be.  We play at their venue in Crockett, Camp Street Cafe

The Flyin' A's from Austin are putting the finishing touches on "Santa's Goin' to Town".  The studio's been hoppin' lately! 

A holiday glimpse into our living room

Coming up!   More shows and more details at our website

Jan 4 First Wednesday at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
Jan 7 Chris with Jerry Jeff - Galveston, TX
Jan 13 Waldo's - Waco, TX
Jan 14 The Bugle Boy - La Grange, TX
Jan 21 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
Feb 14 Annual Valentine's French Show - Austin, TX
Mar 3 Unitunes Coffeehouse - Houston, TX
Apr 6 Camp Street Cafe - Crockett, TX
May 12 Austin Acoustical Cafe - Austin, TX

A note from Christine:   
My kitty on the desk next to me, a cold rain falling, a long list of things to do, finally home after many days in LA the last few weeks, anticipating my mother and sister coming for Christmas, a Swan Songs meeting tonight, our internet is down, no Christmas decorations up, no gifts purchased, no cards mailed...just another day on the planet and all is right with the world. 
     I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the support this year.  It was a tough one, in many ways - but also rich with emotion, clarification of what's important, recognition of the blessing that is my family, and the arrival of Brody - who is a shining light in our hearts. 
     There wasn't much time for creating new music in 2011, but I intend to remedy that in the coming months.  We are making some changes to lessen my administrative chores and allow more space to create - songs, books, articles, blogs.  There is an inner writer knocking from somewhere deep inside me.  She wants to get up in the morning, put on a big sweater and slippers, make a pot of tea and write for 6 hours a day.  I've been shorting her about 5 hours and 45 minutes.    
     On the way back from LA last week I got stuck in the tiny lavatory on the plane.  The door wouldn't open and I was pounding and kicking to get someone's attention to free me.  I really had a panic attack in there, afraid I'd be trapped without a seat belt and the plane would go down.  Perhaps it was a metaphor for the creative wave that's pounding against the locked door of my very demanding schedule, my spiritual survival at stake.  How's that for Jungian self analysis?
     Onward to 2012.  Wishing you all a peaceful season.
     Love,  Christine

  And a blurb from Chris:
     I get into Christmas.  I guess it's still the excitement of waking up in the morning and having to wait for the folks to get up before I'd be allowed to run down the stairs and see what old St. Nick had left under the tree for me.  My musical career really started under the Christmas first tape recorder, my first electric guitar, a spinet piano, Elvis and Beatles records....great stuff.  Don't tell Brody (6 months old), but I found him the perfect little piano that can sit right on the floor with him.
   We lived right across the street from a large field in Pierre, South Dakota, and when it was starting to get cold enough the fire department would pull a truck up and fill it with water, creating a miracle of a skating rink.  Hockey, crack the whip, tag, capture the flag, it was all great fun and a social experience that you couldn't get anywhere else...flirting, bullying...a playground on ice.  I've still got skates, but haven't laced them up in many years. Being so close, we could just keep an eye on the porch light across Jackson Ave. and head for home when we saw that Mom was flashing the light.  With luck, we'd get home to find grilled Velveeta sandwiches and hot Campbell's tomato soup. 
     The garden is in...I splurged and bought a bunch of cedar 2 by 12's and made new raised beds this year.  The onions, lettuce and snap peas are ecstatic that the drought has ended and the air is cool. 
     I started cooking for the holidays last night.  I slow roasted pork shoulder all day and added it to some spicy green chile.  It'll hit the freezer and when folks are going to be dropping by I'll get it out and add potatoes and onions.  Green Chile Stew makes our kids happy when we force them into helping us make a quadruple triple batch of cranberry biscotti. 
     Happy Holidays to you and yours.  See you at the gig.


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