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News from the musical world of Christine Albert and Chris Gage
January 2014

Hey and howdy, friends and neighbors, salutations from the MoonHouse in beautiful Austin, Texas where we've had two freezing nights in a row! 

It's GRAMMY season, so Madame Chair will be busy with behind the scenes planning and figuring out what to wear while drinking fancy martinis. 

The holiday season was bittersweet in our world.  The kids were all home and we had a wonderful Christmas full of gifts and cookies and music, but we also lost our dear friend Sarah Elizabeth Campbell who passed away peacefully on the morning of December 26.  She was one of a kind, and her loss has left a big hole in our lives, musically and personally.  Click here for a video of Sarah singing "I'll Fly Away" at her benefit in October.  Thank you Christina Fajardo.  On the other sleeve, our grandson Brody made his public singing debut at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, belting out "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and receiving a standing ovation.  Ah, the wonders of life. 

Christine is pleased to announce that Jimmie Dale Gilmore will be joining her and David Carroll for Mystery Mondays during the months of January and February.  After that, the mystery will unfold...  Chris is pleased to announce that he's still at Donn's Depot every Monday night. 

The annual Christine Albert Valentine's French Show will take place at El Mercado on South 1st Street.  They will be unveiling a new look and have a special menu in the works. For more info, see January 14 below...

The photo essay this month is entitled "Cats of the MoonHouse".  Enjoy.

As always, thank you for the support, 
Chris and Christine

Christine and Sarah belt out "I'll Fly Away" at El Mercado with Elizabeth Wills, Judy Painter and Kristin DeWitt.  (Photo by Sharon Rickert Maner).
Brody Tyler Gage belts out "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar on Dec. 24.  (Photo by Ka Mitchell Riley).

Chippy has a "Safe Place" box on the railing to escape weather and critters. 

Full show schedule online here.

Dates, venues and times have been known to change.  Please call or check the venue's website to confirm.

Thurs. Jan. 9 Austin Cabaret Theater  - 2 Nights!!  
Christine does a mini French set as part of the two night "Underground Cabaret" a showcase of various artists at this classy Austin venue at Shoal Crossing Event Center.  Also featuring Natalie Douglas, Sue Bilich and more!
8:30 PM
Fri. Jan. 10 8:30 PM
Sun. Jan. 12 Chris Gage plays in the Riverbend Church band.

Christine represents The Recording Academy at a Nashville Chapter event to celebrate their GRAMMY Nominees!

9:30 am



Mon. Jan. 13     
El Mercado - 512-447-7445
1302 S. 1st, Austin TX 78704

Christine Albert and David Carroll host Mystery Monday with guest artists and musicians. 

This week: 
Jimmie Dale Gilmore and John X Reed!!

Donn's Depot - 512-478-0336
1600 W. 5th, Austin TX 78703

Monday night at Donn's Depot....Chris Gage's 18 year tradition at the grand piano with special invited guests from all over the world.

Tues. Jan. 14 Tickets go on sale today at 10 AM for our annual Valentine's French Show at El Mercado; 1302 South 1st Street in Austin!!!  Tickets start at $28 and VIP, group tickets and special menu items will be available.  Click here for more information or call 512-447-7445.   
Tues. Jan. 14 Christine represents The Recording Academy at a San Francisco Chapter event to celebrate their GRAMMY Nominees!  
Sun. Jan. 19 Chris Gage plays in the Riverbend Church band. 9:30 am
Mon. Jan. 20     
El Mercado - 512-447-7445
1302 S. 1st, Austin TX 78704

Christine Albert and David Carroll host Mystery Monday with guest artists and musicians. 

This week:   Jimmie Dale Gilmore and a mystery picker!

Donn's Depot - 512-478-0336
1600 W. 5th, Austin TX 78703

Monday night at Donn's Depot....Chris Gage's 18 year tradition at the grand piano with special invited guests from all over the world.

Tues. Jan. 21 Chris Gage appears with DURAWA at Strange Brew Lounge Side, Austin TX

Christine attends the Producers & Engineers Wing event at Village Recorders honoring Neil Young


Thurs. Jan. 23 Chris and Christine attend the GRAMMY Foundation "A Song is Born" event  
Fri. Jan. 24 Chris and Christine attend MusiCares "Person of the Year" dinner honoring Carole King  
Sat. Jan. 25 Chris and Christine attend the 56th GRAMMY Special Merit Awards ceremony and Nominee's Reception. Ms. Albert has the honor of presenting the Trustees Awards! We then head over to the Pre-GRAMMY Gala hosted by Clive Davis.   
Sun. Jan. 26 Watch for us on the GRAMMY Telecast on CBS!! 
(In the audience, people, although at the afternoon ceremony at Nokia Theater, where 70 of the awards are presented, Madame Chair will give the opening remarks and welcome. You can watch it streaming online at at 12 PM)
Mon. Jan. 27 We're both missing our weekly shows to attend the taping of "The Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Salute to the the Beatles" that will air on CBS Feb. 9, 50 years to the day after their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. 

Jimmie Dale Gilmore and David Carroll will carry on Mystery Monday without Ms. Albert and Frank Cavitt is scheduled to appear at Donn's Depot.

Yoda is huge and loves to bathe on the top of the recliner. 


More shows and more details at our website

Every Monday at 7:30 - Christine hosts Mystery Monday at El Mercado  - Austin, TX
January and February Christine and David will be joined by Jimmie Dale Gilmore!

Every Monday at 9:00 - Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX

Feb 14 - Christine's Annual Valentine's French Show - El Mercado - Austin, TX

Mar 8 - The Bugle Boy - LaGrange, TX

Mar 16 - Fredericksburg Music Club Concert Series - Fredericksburg, TX

Mar 28, 29 - Jerry Jeff Walker Bash Weekend

April 18 - Camp Street Cafe

April 20 - Easter Sunrise Service at Rolke Ranch

May 3 - Albert and Gage with Central Texas Medical Orchestra

Angel was a grouchy but lovable old gal that met her demise under a pack of neighbor dogs. 

A note from Christine:
Last night I tried to write this letter and began looking at videos and photos of Sarah Elizabeth Campbell to share.  I ended up a basket case and had to give up.
     Chris had the brilliant idea in the fall of 2012 to create Mystery Monday as a vehicle for me and my old pal "Sayra" to sing together every week.  Although we've been friends for over 20 years and had sung together at parties, Threadgill's in the old days and ArtZ during her residency there, it was always just a song or two.  The last 14 months we had the chance to meld our voices, to find that musical sweet spot, to enjoy being together every week, to share a zillion laughs, and cry our share of tears once she was diagnosed with liver cancer and the prognosis began to look pretty bleak. 
     But knowing that each day was a gift, we embraced our time together - and especially the music - with our whole beings and dug the joy out of every note and every moment.  And the community that came together every Monday at El Mercado, and then traveled en masse over to Donn's Depot, showered her (and us) with enough love and support to carry her through this difficult journey as if she was flying on the wings of angels, which she was...her friends.  Sarah was a wide open, big hearted, ballsy, brassy, deep, heartfelt, sentimental, sarcastic, tender, tough, childlike, wise, hysterical, gifted woman and a magnet who attracted legions of grateful souls who became her truly good friends. She kept in touch with you and helped you keep in touch with yourself.
     My favorite song we sang together was "Home" by Karla Bonoff (click here for a You Tube of us singing it).  Sarah loved being home with her kitties and sweet pup Tweetie.  She sang "I'll Fly Away" Monday night and then "just a few more weary days" later she flew away from her home here with all of us. 
     There are no words, only love...

     Love, Christine

  And a blurb from Chris:
     The holidays are behind us.  The eggs were nogged, the biscottis baked and cut ever so carefully before being sent, the presents wrapped and unwrapped, the carols were sung, the tree trimmed, enjoyed and recycled, the stockings were overflowing, the lights (still up) made the house feel inviting, the weather was just cold enough to feel like Christmas, the James Brown Christmas CD got spun a dozen times, the clam chowder with oyster crackers reminded me of Christmas Eve oyster stew at the 1960's Gage house in Pierre, SD, the gifts of goodies from family and friends all over have been devoured, the mulled wine is a memory, the Chex mix no longer a temptation, my new chef's knife already feels like an old friend, and just today we learned that we have a gift certificate that we knew nothing about from Christine's sister Susan and her husband Carl to use at Casa Maria, our local Mexican restaurant.  Happy New Year, everyone.
     Sarah Elizabeth Campbell was a very good friend.  She had no filter between her brain and her mouth, she would say exactly what she was thinking, and that's a refreshing trait in a friend.  No mask, no walls, no BS, pretty much the truth.  She played two amazing holiday shows in Austin, sang her butt off, then simply went to bed on Christmas and never got back up.  I will miss her so much.  Click here to see Sarah and me sing John Prine's "The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" together. 
     My studio schedule is starting to pick up and I've got artists booking studio time into the spring (including our own Christine Albert).  I recorded Jerry Jeff Walker and Doug Montgomery recently doing voice-overs for a TexStar Ford radio spot that's been airing in Stephenville TX for many years.  Next week I think I'm working on an ABC Pest Control jingle in Spanish! You just never know. 

     See you at the gig!

Pinto was a sweet cat that couldn't stand the fact that Chippy joined the family.
He was last seen flipping us off from a neighbor's garage.

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