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News from the musical world of Christine Albert and Chris Gage
JULY 2013

Hey and howdy, friends and neighbors, salutations from the MoonHouse in beautiful Austin, Texas, where the heat is on and our outdoor stamina gets tested and beaten regularly.  The cats think they want to go out, but quickly make a beeline back in to the cool kitchen floor. 

The photos this month are just a glimpse into our home.  We've owned a cool 1940's house in south Austin since 1999.  It's our pride and joy in all its funky glory.  Kind of a was added on to before we bought it and was presented to us as having 6 bedrooms and 4 baths!  Of course, being who we are we use every inch for home and office.

Not a lot of shows to talk about this July....Chris has been super busy in the studio with Frank Cavitt (Is The Honky Tonk Doctor In?), Hank Sames and the Hotcakes (Gringo Barrio) and helping a young talented Amarillo teenager, Grant Gillespie.  Our jingle for ABC Home and Commercial Services hit the airwaves, and we're looking into upgrading the studio equipment and adding a video feed.

Christine's been very on....

See you soon.  Thanks for your support
Chris and Christine

And the really big news....

Read the article here                Read the Austin American Statesman article here

After six years of serving as a Trustee and Vice Chair on the Board of Trustees of The Recording Academy (responsible for the GRAMMY Awards) we are pleased to announce that Christine has been elected Chair of the Board - only the second woman and first independent artist to achieve this honor in the Recording Academy's 56 year history.  Christine considers it a privilege to help guide this national membership organization, the GRAMMY Awards and the valuable work of the Grammy Foundation, MusiCares and The Grammy Museum.  She will be criss-crossing the country to visit the Academy's 12 chapters and spending even more time in LA in the next two years as she grows into this new role. 

Congratulations, Madame Chair!  (from your hubby). 

Our collection of WMF utensils brought home in stages from Germany.

Just a glimpse at the bedroom wall.  Oddly interesting photo. 

July 2013
Full show schedule online here.

Dates, venues and times have been known to change.  Please call or check the venue's website to confirm.

Mon. July 1

July 8

July 15

July 22

July 29


El Mercado - 512-447-7445
1302 S. 1st, Austin TX 78704

Christine Albert and Sarah Elizabeth Campbell with David Carroll

The ladies feature a different mystery musician each Monday. 

July 1 - Larry Seyer and Rich Brotherton
July 8 - Rosie Flores!!
July 15 - Kenny Grimes
July 22 - Jack Saunders (Christine out of town)
July 29 - Rich Brotherton

Donn's Depot - 512-478-0336
1600 W. 5th, Austin TX 78703

Monday night at Donn's Depot....Chris Gage's 18 year tradition at the grand piano with special invited guests from all over the world.

"Though Gage shines all on his own, his voice crackling with just the right emotional intensity on a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," he also ever the gentleman heaps praise on everyone who comes by, from guest musicians to an older couple in the audience dancing the night away." Austin American Statesman

Click here for photos.

Wed. July 3 Donn's Depot - Austin, Texas
     First Wednesday with Albert and Gage - David Carroll on the upright bass
     1600 W. 5th, Austin, TX   78703   512-478-0336
Tues. July 2

Strange Brew Lounge Side - Austin, TX
5326 Manchaca Rd. Austin, TX 78745
     Chris sits in as a special guest of legendary Austin drummer Ernie Durawa's weekly Tuesday night gig!!!
6-7:30 pm
Sat. July 6 Donn's Depot - Austin, Texas
     Albert and Gage Band with Ruben Hernandez and David Carroll
     1600 W. 5th, Austin, TX   78703   512-478-0336
Sat. July 13 Chris plays with Jerry Jeff Walker
     Luckenbach, Texas - Bikinis

Moonchimes hang in the breeze.

More shows and more details at our website

Every Monday Christine and Sarah Elizabeth
Mystery Monday at El Mercado
 - Austin, TX
Every Monday Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
Oct 4 Central Market North - Austin
Oct 12 Open Door Coffeehouse Concerts - Arlington, TX
Oct 18 Schreiner University - Kerrville, TX
Nov 9 Trinity Coffeehouse Concert Series - Ft. Worth, TX
Nov 30 Camp Street Cafe - Crockett, TX

Living room.  I love the stack of clean clothes on the old oak Victrola.

I'm a musician, photographer and bread and butter pickle maker. 

A note from Christine:
     Wow.  You can tell how busy I've been by the very limited gigs this month.  My booking agent hat has not been getting enough wear lately!
     My commitment to The Recording Academy and Swan Songs has both of those endeavors thriving.  The upcoming A&G tour schedule, however...not so much.  The good news is I have a batch of songs almost ready to transform into a Christine Albert CD.  We have blocked out some time this summer to get Madam Chair into MoonHouse Studio to create my first "non-French" solo album since 1995.  Chris has plans for his own project soon and we will whole heartedly help each other create and promote our respective music.
     The last few years had some challenging times and deep loss.  My muse has been transforming those experiences into songs and I'm ready to capture them.  Hopefully I can finish this CD by fall, when my work as Chair of The Recording Academy hits overdrive and doesn't stop until post GRAMMY night. 
     I want to say thank you to Chris, who has been working double time in the studio and at gigs to keep the home fires burning (actually, a/c cooling) while I devote so much time to this unique opportunity.  Our life is changing for awhile and he is riding the wave with enthusiasm and loving support.  So grateful...
     Love, Christine

  And a blurb from Chris:
     Christine's been travelling a lot without me with all of her Recording Academy obligations, and usually I'm running from the studio to a gig somewhere with hardly enough time for a quick bite and a power nap.  A couple of weeks ago, however, I had 3 days off and used them to redo my home office.  I painted, installed a new window shade, moved my huge desk to a different wall and assembled some thrift store shelves I'd had in storage for a couple years.  The result was amazing, and I'm now not freaked out to walk into my office!  Of course, the piles of paper, even though hidden away in a cubby hole, still need my attention, but the chocolate colored walls invite me in to work on it. 
     She's got a couple more trips coming up...maybe the upstairs bedroom will get a makeover.  Oh...wait...the upstairs air conditioning is out, and I'm not drawn to painting a 100 degree bedroom!  It'll have to be something else. 
      Funny thing, I bought several matching picture frames that look perfect against the dark walls but they all still have the photo displayed that came with the frame.  Arg. 

     See you at the gig!

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