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News from the musical world of Christine Albert and Chris Gage


Hey and howdy, friends and neighbors, salutations from the MoonHouse in beautiful Austin, Texas. This will be an update to promote some upcoming shows in the central Texas area we'd love to see you attend, then we'll pester you with a full email in about a week that will include photos, a monthly schedule and a major announcement (one that's under wraps for a couple more days).  More to come!!

Chris and Christine

Full schedule online at

Saturday, June 1
     Donn's Depot (Albert and Gage Band 9-1)  1600 W. 5th, Austin, TX

Sunday, June 2
Albert and Gage will be featured on "Folkways"
Hosted by Kim Simpson on KUTX 98.9 - Austin, TX - Performance and interview!
Folkways airs 4-6 PM CST but the Albert and Gage segment will air close to 4 PM
Available via streaming at

Monday, June 3
Christine and Sarah at Mystery Monday (El Mercado) and Chris at Donn's Depot
(Mystery Monday guests - Adler and Hearne -

Wednesday, June 5
      First Wednesday at Donn's Depot  (Albert and Gage acoustic trio with David Carroll)

Thursday, June 6
     The Bugle Boy
in LaGrange, TX  8-10 PM - Private concert
But it is available to view online!  Online tickets are only $5, and you can purchase them anytime at:
No matter where in the world you live, you'll be able to tune in on your computer, iPhone, or iPad, or you can hook your computer up to your TV for a big-screen concert-viewing experience in your home. We hope you join us!

Sunday, June 9
     Kerrville Folk Festival

We close the festival with a full set of music, and will be leading the audience in our version of Bobby Bridger's "Heal In The Wisdom"  
Appearing Sunday night....Carrie Rodriguez, Sam Baker, Hal Ketchum, Albert and Gage

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