October 2011

Greetings from the MoonHouse -  Austin, Texas

It seems like every month when it's newsletter time we are leaving town, just getting back or immersed in a cornucopia (a very autumnal word) of activity.  Christine arrived home from Colorado, New Mexico and LA late last night; Chris flew in from four east coast dates with Jerry Jeff just in time to head to his Monday night Donn's Depot show.  You can't accuse us of being lazy; scattered - maybe, bored - never.

Ms. Albert has been back and forth to LA for her work with the Recording Academy, squeezing in family time, writing music in her head and healing her body and heart.  Chris is juggling his usual Jerry Jeff shows, Albert and Gage and MoonHouse Studio projects and has completed the first round of Beatles music for storychimes.com.

Albert and Gage will be part of "Williams Night - Music of Hank and Lucinda Williams" on October 12 at Threadgill's in Austin with lots of other musical pals.  A good excuse to learn a Lucinda song or two; we already know a zillion Hank songs.  We'll also return to Central Market (Austin) on October 7 and Anderson Fair (Houston) on the 21st, two of our favorite venues. 

It's time to reserve your tickets to the Swan Songs fundraiser with Jerry Jeff Walker at The Gibson Showroom in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, October 19th. 

It's coming together nicely.  This is a rare opportunity to hear Jerry Jeff in an intimate venue and to support Christine's non-profit that fulfills musical last wishes in central Texas. 

Bid on silent auction items from The Four Seasons, ACL-Live!, The Great Outdoors, Milli Starr Millinery, FondaFloyd Handbags, The Savory Spice Shop, autographed copies of amazing books, Robin's Garden Design consultation,  and much, much more.  

Visit the Swan Songs events page to order your tickets.  Make a note to tune in to KUT 90.5 in Austin on October 13th at 2 PM when Chris, Christine and Jerry Jeff will be live on the air.  (see below)

"Windmills For Sale"
Photo by Chris Gage - somewhere in South Dakota with Winker's camera

In case you missed it...
each month we feature a few links to past reviews, current interesting tidbits, creative playscapes of our own or others...just some stuff you may have missed as the world swiftly spins. 

   SPEAK'S debut album "I Believe in Everything" on Amazon (Christine's son Troupe)
   YouTube: Christine at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar circa 1987 "Adios Mi Corazon"
   YouTube: Jerry Jeff with Chris Gage at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City
       Sangria Wine       Mr. Bojangles
   "Dakota Lullaby" CD review from Acousticmusic.com
   Chris Gage photography from around the world and parts of Texas


MoonHouse Records  Visit the MoonHouse Records website for our latest CDs, Red Willow Band CDs, older Albert and Gage releases and Christine Albert gems.  Or...come to the shows and stock up for Christmas! 
MoonHouse Studio  Chris has been recording Beatles songs for a wonderful new website that provides interactive apps for kids of all ages called Storychimes.  Remember reading along in a book at school, then you hear the 'ding' and you turn the page?  Well, there's an app for that.  Check out their website

"Emergency Spillway at Work"
Photo by Chris Gage - Oahe Dam north of Pierre, SD with Winker's camera

October 2011
Full show schedule online here.
Dates, venues and times have been known to change.  Please call or check the venue's website to confirm.

Wed. Oct 5 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX         
     First Wednesday with Albert and Gage  
1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX     512-478-0336 
9 -1
Fri. Oct 7 Central Market - Austin
     Albert and Gage Band on the deck
4001 North Lamar Austin, TX 78756       512-206-1000
6:30-9 pm
Mon. Oct 10 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336    
     Visit the "Monday Night at Donn's Depot" photo page
9 -1
Wed. Oct 12 Threadgill's - Austin, Texas
     301 W. Riverside Dr. - Austin, TX
     "Williams Night - Music of Hank and Lucinda Williams"
Albert and Gage and a host of Austin musicians celebrate the music of two gifted      songwriters.  We'll sing a Hank song, a Lucinda song and a couple of ours. 
(Bob Livingston, David Halley, Jean Synodinos, Jenny Reynolds, Ephraim Owens, Albert and Gage, Michael Fracasso, John Pointer and Warren Hood)
7 pm
Thurs. Oct 13 KUT 90.5FM (Austin, Texas) - Christine and Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - live on the air
Jerry Jeff and Chris will play some songs while Christine talks about Swan Songs and the upcoming fundraiser.  Thank you Jerry Jeff and KUT!

and then....
2 pm
Donn's Depot - Austin, TX         
Chris and Christine filling in for Murphy's Inlaws.  Bonus Donn's show!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
9 -1
Fri. Oct 14 Chris Gage at Four Seasons Lobby Bar - Austin, TX
Playing with Craig Calvert as a substitute for Mike Jackson.  Great wine and gourmet appetizers. 
9 -1
Mon. Oct 17 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336
9 -1
Wed. Oct 19 "An Evening of Story and Song" with Jerry Jeff Walker benefitting Swan Songs
     Gibson Showroom in south Austin

     3601 South Congress Avenue (at Penn Field) - Austin, TX 78704-7250

     For more information about this rare opportunity to hear Jerry Jeff up close and     personal (with Chris Gage on guitar) and support a very worthwhile cause at the same time please visit www.swansongs.org/events.
7-10 pm
Fri. Oct 21 Anderson Fair - Houston, TX
2007 Grant - Houston, TX - 77006
9 pm
Sat. Oct 22 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX        Albert and Gage Band  
     (with David Carroll and Paul Pearcy) 
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
9 -1
Mon. Oct 24 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336
9 -1
Mon. Oct 31 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336
9 -1

"House for Sale - No Pesky Neighbors"
Photo by Chris Gage - somewhere in South Dakota with Winker's camera

Coming up!   More shows and more details at our website

Nov 4 Texas A&M University -Kingsville, TX - French show!
Nov 5 Rear Window Listening Room - Ganado, TX
Nov 6 Rawhide Trail House Concert - Austin, TX
Nov 11 Brazos Valley House Concert - 100 miles from Dallas
Nov 12 Open Door Coffeehouse- Arlington, TX
Nov. 20 Chris Gage at Wunderlich House Concerts - north Austin

Films by Chris Gage

Jerry Jeff Walker - Down in Belize

A beautiful collection of video clips from Jerry Jeff's home on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize, and the neighboring town of San Pedro.


Chris' latest short film is a collection of street musicians filmed during travels in the US and abroad.  There's a young gymnast on the streets of Memphis, "Ave Maria" performed on the streets of Dresden by a classical trio, an incredible duo of violin and piano performed by marionettes in Galway, Ireland and a blues singing dog.

A note from Christine: 
This month was the opposite of August.  For every hour I spent on the couch in August, I traveled in September.  For every moment of silence in August, I talked up a storm in September.  I was back in my life and on overdrive, but surrounded by old friends and family for much of it.  It's just what my inner doctor ordered. 
     I have that uneasy longing in my gut that tells me it's time to start writing and begin work on the next album.  Unfinished songs are knocking at my psyche and I'm looking ahead at the calendar for a space that is long enough to hit "record."  The more time I spend as a non-profit administrator the harder it is to find time to write; the irony is that the work I do for Swan Songs inspires me creatively and that inspiration wants to be turned into new songs.  The age old dilemma.
     I gotta tell you though, I attended a couple of Swan Songs concerts recently that cemented my commitment to making this thing fly.  There's nothing like being in that room, watching a family soaking up their loved one's favorite music with them, knowing these are the last days of their life.
     I know - I'll go work on a song now and leave the rest of the newsletter for Chris to finish. 
     Love,  Christine   

  And a blurb from Chris:
     I think we survived the heat of summer.  The garden is toast...the shade garden continues to provide us with a few fresh herbs, but it's time to turn the soil and get things green again.  I've decided this year to be smarter and stagger my plantings of salad bar.  We always get to the end of the season and we've got 8 rows of lettuce and chard that's about to turn bitter and no one to give it to.  Maybe...if I plant every two weeks it'll come in gradually and make more sense.  Uh, duh, dummy.  What took you so long?
     I had an interesting dose of Amtrak travel last week.  Jerry Jeff had us taking trains from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC's Union Station and then from Union Station to Wilmington, DE (where I get to play with one of my heroes, David Bromberg, by the way).  Anyway the first trip offered a "cafe car" where we stood in line and purchased microwave hot dogs from a disgruntled vendor.  The second trip was a revelation...first class cabin, and all of a sudden I was being offered a bloody mary and a lobster salad by the nicest young lady I'd ever experienced.  "Sir, would you like another?".  Why, yes miss, I believe I would, thank you. 
    Ah, the wild and varied lifestyle of the traveling guitar slinger.  Keep it coming.
     See you at the gig.


Swan Songs fulfills musical wishes at the end of life.  Concerts are offered free of charge by request, and there have been some very profound moments.  Click here to view Jim Swift's story about Swan Songs that appeared on KXAN News in Austin on September 30, 2010.  To learn more or donate visit swansongs.org

Coming up!!  A special fundraiser for Swan Songs with the legendary Jerry Jeff Walker on October 19th in Austin, Texas.  Visit the Swan Songs events page to order your tickets. 

A reminder that Christine Albert's French Show has been approved for inclusion on the new Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) Texas Touring Roster for the Sept 2010 - August 2012 season.  So, if you know of a school, non-profit arts organization (grants are not available for fundraising events), etc that would like to host Ms. Albert's French Show, please keep this in mind.  The next deadline for Arts Respond Performance Support Grants is August 1, 2011 for performances Sept 1 - Dec 14, 2011. (Insider tip - you can also apply for funding for an A&G show through Christine's account, since Christine is the Albert in Albert and Gage!)


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