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September 2012

Hey and howdy, friends and neighbors, salutations from the MoonHouse in beautiful Austin, Texas,

Fall is upon us, and the summer hasn't been too bad here.  Last year was the burner...100 days over 100 degrees...terrible wildfires, no relief.  This year we've gotten a bit of rain and the temps haven't been outrageous (knock on wood).

We're gearing up for our Alpine Adventure next month.  Fondue in the mountains.  Yodel ay he hoo! And some of you are coming along this time!!

This month we'll be at Open Door in Arlington and Central Market North in Austin - two of our favorite gigs.  Legendary Austin drummer Ernie Durawa (Texas Tornados) will join us at Central Market.  Christine will spend her birthday in Seattle with the fine folks of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of The Recording Academy and then fly to Miami the following week to check in with the Florida Chapter.  Chris always has a backlog of studio projects, gigs and a honey-do list at home to keep him busy while Madame Vice Chair is away.

We've got a new poster as a result of a recent morning photo shoot with legendary Austin photographer Todd V. Wolfson.  He shot our CD pics for our first release "Jumpin' Tracks" way back in 1997.  He's got a great eye...if you live in Austin you've seen his photos on the cover of the Chronicle many many times, including ours in the issue that featured Christine's article about our 5 years together at Donn's Depot.  Read it here

The photo essay this month is entitled "Window Shopping".  You just can't buy everything you see while on tour, and you certainly can't eat everything you see in the window.  You can, however, take a picture! 

Chris and Christine


"Cheese shop near the castle in Edinburgh, Scotland"

Albert and Gage

September 2012
Full show schedule online here.
Dates, venues and times have been known to change.  Please call or check the venue's website to confirm.

Wed. Sep 5 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX         
     First Wednesday with Albert and Gage  
1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
9 -1
Sat. Sep 8 The Open Door Coffeehouse Concert Series - Arlington, TX
     Trinity United Methodist Church
     3321 West Park Row Dr. Arlington, TX 76013
7 pm
Mon. Sep 10 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     Every Monday night - special musical guests drop by from all over the world!
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336    
     Visit the "Monday Night at Donn's Depot" photo page
9 -1
Sat. Sep 15 Central Market North - Austin, TX
4001 North Lamar - Austin, TX 512-206-1000
    We love playing out on the deck, under the oaks
    This show features Austin legend Ernie Durawa on drums. 
6:30-9 PM
Mon. Sep 17 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336
9 -1
Mon. Sep 24 Chris Gage at Donn's Depot - Austin, TX
     1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336
9 -1
Sat. Sep 29 Donn's Depot - Austin, TX         
     Albert and Gage Band with Paul Pearcy and David Carroll 
1600 W. 5th St.  Austin, TX    512-478-0336 
9 -1
Sun. Sep 30 Chris with Jerry Jeff Walker - Austin TX 
     One World Theater   

"Rauchermen in Germany...cone incense goes inside"

"Wooden shoes on sale in the Netherlands"

MoonHouse Records  Visit the MoonHouse Records website for the latest CDs by Albert and Gage, Christine Albert (including the entire "Texafrance" series), Red Willow Band CDs and DVDs,  Michael Austin, Abi Tapia and some old dusty gems.  Hey there's even t-shirts. 
MoonHouse Studio News  We're working on final mixes for Sarah Smith and Carrington McDuffie, a new jingle for ABC Home and Commercial Services, some classy re-records of material from the Paramount Pictures music catalog, some Chan Chandler musical archiving, and Jerry Jeff keeps trying to come in to lay down a couple new songs he's writing.  Albert and Gage are working on new material, but no recording has been done....yet.  Oh, and the Flyin' A's may slip in to add to their Christmas CD from last year. 
Swan Songs fulfills musical wishes at the end of life by organizing private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness. At their request, a favorite style of music or musician is brought directly to the home or facility. The concert allows patient, family and friends to focus beyond the illness and come together through the medium of music.

Save the date for "An Evening With Eliza"  benefitting Swan Songs on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at The Gibson Showroom in Austin, Texas.  Eliza Gilkyson has fulfilled two very special musical last wishes via Swan Songs and we are grateful for her support and generosity.  Details are coming together and will be posted at

"Cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest, Triberg, Germany"

More shows and more details at our website

Oct 12, 13 Gigs in Germany - Garching and Neudrossenfeld
Oct 14-21 Alpine Adventure Tour - Switzerland
Oct 24 Murr, Germany
Nov 2 Uncle Calvin's - Dallas, TX
Nov 3 Crossroads Music Co - Winnsboro, TX
Nov 10 Anderson Fair - Houston, TX
Nov 28 Ham Jam House Concert - Austin, TX
Nov 30 Camp Street Cafe - Crockett, TX
Dec 14 Chris with Jerry Jeff at Gruene Hall
Dec 15 Chris with Jerry Jeff at Gruene Hall

A note from Christine:     
   My stomach is growling just reading Chris's letter.  Meanwhile he is in the kitchen preparing stuffed zucchini for dinner.  Perhaps there is a cooking show in our future?  I could be the sous chef, do the chatting with the audience behind the camera and draw him out of his chef shell with perky questions.  He can cook the amazing food, I will eat it on camera and ooh and ahh and we could create the soundtrack together.  Hmmm...another project in our future?
Seriously though, the guy can cook.
     I have been deep into Swan Songs activities and of course, my ongoing work with The Recording Academy.  My days are full to the brim even when there is not a gig on the calendar - which has been quite often lately!  I am trying to change that and find time to wear my agent hat to keep us performing. 
     Meanwhile, Eliza Gilkyson has graciously offered to play for Swan Songs on Tuesday, December 4 at the Gibson Showroom in Austin.  "An Evening with Eliza" promises to be as special as the artist herself.  We will be hosting an online auction for several weeks in advance and a physical silent auction the night of the fundraiser.  If you would like to donate something, feel free to reach out to me at
     We're in the final planning for the Alpine Adventure Tour so if you're coming along, you'll hear from us soon. 
     Ciao for now. 
     Love, Christine   

  And a blurb from Chris:
     I've been enjoying coming up with a theme for my photo essays every month.  My hobby on the road has always been photography, and I've been sticking my lens into shop windows for many years.  I've got enough photos of food to fill the next year's worth of emails.  Ha.  I won't do it, I promise.  There are, however a jillion of my food photos embedded in the photo tours on our website.  Click here.
     Speaking of food (my other hobby) dad turned me on to the incredible taste of roasted garlic mixed with slightly melted brie cheese.  I've taken the tastes to a new level, I think anyway.  I buy a round brie, not too big, then I scrape off the top layer of coating to get at the luscious inside.  I then scoop out a little hole in the center, removing about 3 tablespoons of cheese, which I roll into a little ball.  Meanwhile, I've got 2 heads of garlic that I've cut into, doused with olive oil and roasted for an hour at 350.  I squeeze out the delightfully stinky oozy garlic into a small bowl, and smash it into a puree with olive oil, chives, salt and pepper.  The garlic goes into the cavity on top of the brie, then the last little ball of cheese gets nestled into the garlic.  40 seconds in the microwave when guests arrive, and you've got a wonderfully melted hot tasty appetizer that sticks to French bread like a champ.  Yum.  Try it.  You'll like it!     See you at the gig.

"China from the Alsace region - Strasbourg, France!"

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