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FEATURE STORIES Albert and Gage by Steve Brooks   Goodlife Magazine January 2003

Voices: Christine Albert and Chris Gage  by Kerry Dexter

PERFORMANCE REVIEWS The Voice of Love and Reason is back in the house by Marty Racine Ruidoso News   July 7, 2006

Around The World With Albert and Gage  by Kerry Dexter  Folkwax  June 11, 2003

Minibill review  Houston Press by Rob Patterson  Oct. 18, 2001

Albert and Gage   by Bill James


Music Road by Kerry Dexter

"The joyous side of love and the blue side, the thoughtful side, and the funny one, the crazy bits of friendship and the thought provoking ones, the quiet of a northern prairie night and the voices of those who made history there --- you meet all these ideas in Dakota Lullaby, the latest album from Christine Albert and Chris Gage. There are a dozen songs on the disc, varying in melody from swing to folk to country to blues, in tone from raucous to funny to reflective....."    read more     
     Kerry Dexter, Music Road  2009

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange by Frank Gutch, Jr.

"A labor of love, that is what this is. Pure, unadulterated labor of love. Prairie and plains might have something to do with the music, but Dakota Lullaby is all about the love: Tom Peterson's love of the Dakotas as well as Christine Albert and Chris Gage's love of song. Remember the phrase "love conquers all?" Well, if it didn't, Dakota Lullaby wouldn't exist. Does the fact that it does give credence to the phrase? For those who would like to think so, here is the story, Cliff's Notes-style."   read more
     Frank Gutch, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange 2009


Music Road by Kerry Dexter

Sing Out Magazine - Summer 2008


Taylor Magazine "Wood and Steel"

Dirty Linen by Kerry Dexter     June 2006
   "A journey through loss, love, healing, change, and hope, with splashes of laughter and faith."

Buddy Magazine by Tom Geddie      March 2006

"There is an inevitable and welcome sweetness to the music of Christine Albert and Chris Gage, even when they choose to do a downer song.  The sweetness is in their beautiful harmonies and the obvious onstage chemistry.  Cry Love, their fifth duet CD in nine years, is a sort of gospel of love, looking at both fulfillment, loss, and yearning.  read more

3rd Coast Music  by John Conquest       March 2006
"The personal bond between them makes their shows, and this album, luminous"

San Antonio Express News by Jim Beal      Jan 2006
"It's that range and sensibility that keep Albert & Gage going and definitely keep Albert & Gage essential listening"


Dirty Linen by Kerry Dexter    June 2004
   "Albert and Gage are masters of the live show...."

Houston Press by Rob Patterson     March 2004

Sing Out Magazine  March 2004

3rd Coast Music  by John Conquest    March 2004  

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Buddy Magazine   by Tom Geddie  
   "Together, they're as intimate as the feel of air conditioning in the sweaty Texas summer."

Dirty Linen    (December, 2001)   
"Always interesting harmonies, inventive musicianship, and thoughtful writing, sparked with a dash of fun, make this one worth investigation for acoustic music and singer/songwriter fans."

Austin American Statesman   by Michael Corcoran   July 12, 2001
"Here's a couple unashamedly in love with their material, and the enthusiasm can't help but rub off on listeners."

The Austin Chronicle    by Margaret Moser   June 29, 2001  ****
"Christine Albert and Chris Gage demonstrate the art of good album making so effortlessly on Burnin' Moonlight, it's a lesson to remember."   by Kerry Dexter 7-1-01 

"When I sat down to listen to ‘Burnin’ Moonlight’ the first thing that came to my mind was that Albert and Gage sing their songs from the heart.   Pure and simple, straight from the heart of Texas."
     J.D. Rose, Program Director   KFAN Radio, Fredericksburg, TX   


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Austin Chronicle   by Margaret Moser     
February 21, 2003

New Texas Magazine   by Lynne Thompson    February 2003 

Dirty Linen  -  August/September 2003   #107   

Sing Out!  -  Fall 2003 - Vol. 47 #3   

"It's no coincidence this album came out around Valentine's Day, because its beauty is not just in the music, but in its sheer romantic atmosphere, the kind you need no partner to enjoy." 
     Austin Chronicle,   February 21, 2003   by Margaret Moser

"A sequel to Albertís 1992 release, TexaFrance, TexaFrance-Encore! is a musical and romantic tribute to Christine Albertís and Chris Gageís sizeable and truly enjoyable talent."
     New Texas Magazine, February 2003 by Lynne Thompson

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Austin American Statesman    by Michael Corcoran      June 24, 1997
"Jumpin' Tracks... is one the best local releases of the year"

Austin Chronicle   by Christopher Hess   July 11, 1997...
"Albert and Gage comprise one of the smartest local pairings on record"

San Antonio Express News "Weekender"  by Jim Beal...  June 28, 1997

Third Coast Music  John Conquest...
   "Together, they're electrifying, far more than the sum of their parts."


Austin Chronicle   by Margaret Moser     December 21, 2001

Christmas   by Richard Banks  


     "What a fantastic time everyone had at our recent house concert with Albert and Gage.  Christine's exquisite voice, coupled with Chris' masterful guitar playing, left everyone breathless.  Their harmonies made the rafters in our home ring like never before.  On top of it all, their song selection, a mixture of originals and well-chosen covers, included something for everyone.  A night that we, and our guests, will never forget!"
     Arlene and Mark Klemow  /   Split Level House Concerts  Scotch Plains, NJ  July, 2001

     "Albert and Gage drew a record crowd to our acoustic concert series, and proceeded to put on a high-voltage, crowd-pleasing performance. Country, rock, blues, folk, French torch - it didn't matter. They nailed 'em all. Christine Albert alone is a singer-songwriter of no small talent - just look at the awards she's earned. Put her together with Chris Gage - a powerhouse in his own right - and you have a duo that's just about unstoppable! I can't speak for Chris - I didn't know him beforehand - but I've been watching Christine's musical evolution over the past five years, and teaming up with Chris has highlighted her already-considerable talent. You can't go wrong with a pair of aces like these."
     Bill James  /  Belton Texas Acoustic Concert Series

     "Albert and Gage are individually very talented singer songwriters and together they are a power house of folk rock. Our audience was amazed at the talent.  Christine Albert and Chris Gage are not to be missed.   The house rocked...and the piano is still smoking. They'll rock you, soothe you and make you want for more."
     Glen Duckett   /   "Flowers in the Desert" - House Concerts, Brenham, Texas.

A blend of voices equals one soulful show.
     "This folk/country duo have created a harmonic sound with original and compelling performances that are hard to match.  Chris Gage and Christine Albert are an electrifying pair who offer a range of music from country and folk to rock and the blues.  Employing a bouquet of instruments - from pianos to acoustic guitars - the duo leave show goers rocking one minute, then sitting back and taking it easy the next.  The Austin-based singer-songwriters (who are a couple both on and off the stage) are often compared to other primo country pairs such as George Jones and Tammy Wynette.  Albert and Gage have a portfolio of awards and a resume filled with media appearances and tours." 
     Lindsey Rausch


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