Albert and Gage - At Anderson Fair




Sing Out! Magazine      March 2004

     This CD snaps and pops with musical energy.  Recorded live in Houston in November of 2002, Christine Albert and Chris Gage teamed up with bassist Brad Fordham and drummer Paul Pearcy to create not just an obviously entertaining evening, but a panorama of musical style.  Predominately, the sound is a Gospel tinged rhythm and blues featuring some high spirited piano playing from Chris Gage and, of course, the duo’s signature harmony singing.


     There are only four Albert/Gage compositions here.  The remaining twelve songs range, and I mean range, from compositions by Leiber and Stoller, Charlie Rich, Memphis Curtis, and Edith Piaf.  The recording pulls off this wild and eclectic mix while remaining a cohesive and exciting exploration of the roots of popular, mostly American, music.


     You either like live recordings or you don’t.  I do.  Especially when they successfully capture the raw energy that can only be achieved by an exchange with an actual audience.  For those of you who make it a practice to avoid live recordings, you’ll be glad to know that the talking and introductions are kept to a minimum on Live at Anderson Fair.  Who’s left are great songs, well performed by enthusiastic musical artists to an equally enthusiastic audience.   MW