Albert and Gage - Cry Love


Tom Geddie


Buddy Magazine      March 2006

     There is an inevitable and welcome sweetness to the music of Christine Albert and Chris Gage, even when they choose to do a downer song.  The sweetness is in their beautiful harmonies and the obvious onstage chemistry.

     Cry Love, their fifth duet CD in nine years, is a sort of gospel of love, looking at both fulfillment, loss, and yearning.  The duo wrote most of the dozen songs together, and do their own interpretations of John Hiatt’s “Cry Love”, Mickey Newbury’s “I Still Love You”, and Michael Austin’s “Before I Go”.

     Albert takes cosmic flights on three of the CD’s offerings: the title song and two of the couple’s co-writes, “Venus”, and “Rocky Shore”.  On the Hiatt song, she sings of bleeding all over the Milky Way, of the tears of an angel that follow the ill-fated marriage of spirit, flesh and bone.  On “Venus”, she turns to the heavens during hard times, asking the brightest “star” to “send your love light to lead us through the twilight”.  On the equally poetic “Rocky Shore”, she sings of taking chances, of seeking truth, and of walking along a rocky shore until her breath comes no more, then spreading her wings to fly into the misty sky.

     The production is clear and bright from beginning to end.

     Gage produced on their own MoonHouse Records label, plays acoustic, electric, slide and baritone guitars; keyboards, accordion, mandolin, dobro, and percussion.  Albert plays acoustic and rhythm guitars.  Austin stalwarts Brad Fordham on bass and Lisa Pankratz on drums complete the ensemble. 

Tom Geddie