Albert and Gage - Cry Love


Kerry Dexter


Dirty Linen      June 2006

     A journey through loss, love, healing, change, and hope, with splashes of laughter and faith.  That's what Christine Albert and Chris Gage have to offer on their latest studio release.  It's a mix of originals and thoughtfully chosen covers that showcases the husband-and-wife team's insight and sense of fun, as well as their well-tuned harmonies and their equal and varied strengths as lead singers.  The only backing musicians are bassist Brad Fordham and drummer Lisa Pankratz, who often accompany Albert and Gage at live shows.  With Albert on guitar and Gage handling keyboards, accordion, and guitar, the set gives a glimpse of the warm and lively presence and interaction they convey when playing live.  "In the Mornin'" is a funny, semi-autobiographical piece from Gage hooked on the differences between his organized wife's drive and his own more laid-back approach.  "Far As You Can See" comes from the place of a parent letting go of an adult child.  "Comin' Home" is an inviting twist on the musician's road song, and the closer, written by Michael Austin, is an up-tempo gospel with a jazz-style, exuberant look at life, "Before I Go." Kerry Dexter