Albert and Gage - Jumpin' Tracks

Michael Corcoran

Austin American Statesman   July 1997

"Jumpin' Tracks is one the best local releases of the year."

     It may have been overshadowed by several more high profile recent releases, such as "Sol Power" by Toni Price, "Souvonica" from 8 1/2 Souvenirs and "It Had To Happen" by James McMurtry, but "Jumpin' Tracks" by Boxcars is one of the best local releases of the year. The duo, consisting of Christine Albert and Chris Gage, handles gorgeous country pop numbers like "What Am I To You" (which sounds better than anything you'll hear on country radio), as well as Rockpile-like trouncers like "I Got Over It". And how's this for bravery? Albert and Gage, backed by the wily and wizened rhythm section of bassist Dave Heath and drummer Paul Pearcy, cover James Brown's "I'll Go Crazy" as if the Apollo was a nightclub in Lubbock.

Michael Corcoran...Austin American Statesman June 24, 1997

"A finely crafted, well-sung, superbly written album."

     Local music scene veterans Christine Albert and Chris Gage put it all together on a finely crafted, well sung, superbly written album that is, so far, the sleeper of the year. Who knew that Albert, whose best previous work was with French cabaret songs, had so much grit or that Gage, known more for his guitar playing, was such an expressive vocalist?

Michael Corcoran's Top 10...Austin American Statesman July 1, 1997